For hundreds of years within the Western medical paradigm, we have been taught to believe our health will somehow maintain itself and when it starts to fail, only then will we seek support. For most of us, the miracle of the human body does exactly that for many years.  Unfortunately, it can be that by the time disease takes hold it can be difficult, painful, and in some cases, too late.

The Chinese believed the gift of long and healthy life was available for all, provided we maintain ourselves in body, mind and spirit. This approach to ‘prevent and live well, don’t wait until there is a failure’ is different to the accepted modern approach and allows one to live well throughout our life.

A person’s symptoms tell us that something has gone wrong, and so by helping the person’s body, mind and spirit return to a point of balance and health, symptoms begin to drop away. It really can be as simple as that.

The role of the acupuncturist is to 'care' for the patient in the widest sense, to listen, to understand, to develop an authentic professional relationship, and then to interpret the entire experience into an intelligent and effective treatment that will take the person out of suffering and ultimately thrive. 

This is the core of Classical Five Element Acupuncture, also known as ‘Worsley Five Element Acupuncture’.


Classical Five Element Acupuncture

"I'm a firm believer in Joshua and Classical Five Element Acupuncture - it is the perfect way to balance your life.

It has done wonders for me on all levels, I am grateful for the care and treatment I receive from Josh. "